About Us

About Us

Manan was founded in 2017 by Aparna Pathak and Mandar Pathak to support small operators in India and provide them Drilling & Workover expertise. India’s E&P ecosystem used to limited number of players before 2016 when the new HELP policy was launched. The DSF rounds under HELP policy facilitated entry of several new E&P operators many of whom did not have background of E&P industry. It is our aim to provide best advice and most cost-effective solutions to drilling and workover needs of such operators. 


The current directors of Manan have more than 50 years of combined experience in drilling industry having performed various roles in drilling teams of companies like Transocean, Cairn, Tullow, Blade Energy etc. Our directors have significant experience in India having worked in almost all the proven basins of India whether onshore, offshore or deepwater. Our directors also bring global expertise to the table having worked in USA, UK and Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Manan is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accreditations.


Our sole aim is to be The Most Customer Focused Consultancy in E&P business and remaining true to our Core Values.

Meet The Leadership

Manan is led by the able professionals who have deep experience of around three decades in the oilfield services and consulting.

Aparna Pathak

Aparna Pathak

Aparna is a Polymer Engineer with ICWA and over 28 years experience in G&A and Finance.
Mandar Pathak

Mandar Pathak

Mandar is a Petroleum Engineer with over 28 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.
Mr. Pulkit Goel

Mr. Pulkit Goel

Mr. Pulkit Goel is a Petroleum Engineer with 16+ years of drilling experience in E&P industry.

Our Journey

Since 2017

Manan Oilfield Services Private Limited 2017

Founded by Mrs. Aparna Pathak & Mr. Mandar Pathak

Blade Energy Partners-
15 March 2018 (2 Months)
ONGC arbitration – Expert witness.

Worldwide Oilfield Machines
30 April 2018
Project Management Services, Management of wellhead and Xmas tree installation in Rajasthan, Equipment & Personnel, Wellheads Installation over last 2.5 years without LTI Trouble shoot assistance Marketing of WOM equipment.

Adani Welspun Exploration Limited
27 April 2019 (9 Months)
Drilling Consultancy Services for Exploratory & Development Offshore.

Prepared Turnkey tender.
Prepared Integrated Management Services tender. 
Prepared well design for 2 offshore wells.
Wrote SOR for tangibles based on the Well Design.
Optimized existing inventory for usage in current campaign

Aug 2020
Field Development Planning & Bid Preparation Services for 3 marginal Offshore Fields (0ML67 Block Nigeria)

Centre of Excellence in Well Engineering
– Launch June 2021
CEWE aims to develop a pipeline of capable Well Engineers in collaboration with Bedrock Drilling Ltd.
Exclusive focus on latest Well Engineering technologies.

Antelopus Energy –
July 2021
Drilling Project Management for
Duramara DSF Block 2-well campaign,


Scope includes:

Well Engineering Design
Tendering & Procurement Support
Preparing Drilling Programs

Oil India Ltd – December 2021
Drilling Project Management for Offshore DSF-II Block in KG Basin


Scope includes:

Pre-FEED Drilling Design
DRILLEX Estimation
Detailed Drilling Design
Tendering & Procurement Support
Operations Execution

OILEX India Ltd –November 2021 Drilling and Workover Project Management for Cambay PSC Block Workover and Re-frac of a horizontal well
and drilling of 2 new horizontal wells


Scope includes:

Well Engineering Design
Tendering & Procurement Support
Operations Execution


Manan brings in vast industry experience and pool of industry associates to deliver wide range of oil and gas industry related expert services which are suitable for organizations of different sizes.


Management Systems

Management systems are key to delivery of successful operations for any company. Keeping this in mind, Manan has developed its own Well Engineering and Operations Management System (WEOMS) to support meeting of client goals safely and effectively. WEOMS was developed to plan, manage, and assure quality of every aspect of drilling and completion operations.

Our Clients and Partners