Bedrock Drilling

Bedrock Drilling offers a comprehensive, London-based drilling consultancy service that is cost-effective and aligned with our client’s goals and expectations. The team of Directors has significant managerial, technical and logistical experience with large and small operators across the globe.

they have the skills to provide clients with a full range of services to the highest standards of quality, environment, and safety whilst keeping well costs low. Bedrock Drilling provides a range of services which includes

1. Well Project Management
2. Supply Chain Management,
3. Personnel Consultancy,
4. Well Engineering Studies.
Bedrock supports the UK and international projects from London office.

e- Frac

Established in 2011, e-Frac® ensures the application of industry best practices and technologies that maximize production and minimize environmental risk in problematic and unconventional reservoirs.

e-Frac® personnel has experience in working with all the major pumping service companies on large multi-well projects, especially in remote locations worldwide.

A sustainable energy future means wellsite operations will increasingly become automated while needing to address requirements for greater accountability and socially responsibility. To achieve the goals e-Frac® retains strong links with US-based research and consulting companies and specializes in disruptive technology development for remote, sustainable wellsite operations.

e-Frac® challenges the paradigm according to 5 core principles:

1. Accountability
2. Innovation
3. Evolution
4. Resolution
5. Knowledge Transfer

ANP GeoEnergy Private Limited

ANP GeoEnergy Private Limited is Renewable Energy Company focused on introducing Geothermal Energy into India’s renewable energy mix. the company is located in Gurugram, Haryana and was established in 2020,

ANPGE founders have adopted technologies from Oil & Gas sector and moulded them for application into Geothermal Energy sector to reduce the cost of Geothermal Energy production by 30-40%.

Founders of ANPGE have extensive experience in oil & gas industry. Founders will be applying these skills to develop Geothermal Energy projects and provide consultancy to other companies interested in developing Geothermal Energy. ANPGE provides services which includes,

a. Feability Studies and Preparing Detailed project reports
• Geothermal Reservoir Evaluation
• Conceptual Project Design • Project Costing
• Commercial Viability Analysis

b. End to end project management
• Detailed Design
• Procurement
• Drilling of new wells or retrofitting of existing wells
• Surface facility Set-up including power plant