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July 04, 2021

July 04, 2021

July 04, 2021

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Crude Oil Part 3, the crude oil contract

How to buy crude oil

There are a number of ways, depending on your preferred approach and trading strategy. WTI is lighter and sweeter than Brent, but trades at a discount due to oil shale production How to buy crude oil growth in the US and Canada. CFDs allow traders to open fractional positions for less than 1,000 barrels of oil, so that they can invest smaller amounts of money.

US to buy 3 million barrels to refill emergency oil reserve – Yahoo Finance

US to buy 3 million barrels to refill emergency oil reserve.

Posted: Mon, 15 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Crude oil futures also provide the ability to trade with greater leverage and allow a more efficient use of trading capital. However, trading leveraged products like crude oil futures also involves the risk that losses can exceed the amount originally invested and may not be suitable for all investors. And just like investing in oil ETFs or mutual funds, starting with options or futures is straightforward. Most brokerage firms dropped the base fee for options trades in 2019, but you’ll still pay around 50 to 75 cents per contract.

Oil Futures, Options and Spot Markets

Ultimately, it would help if you outlined your risk tolerance and overall goals before investing in oil and gas. But there’s no reason part of your portfolio can’t involve this commodity, as long as you do your research and understand the risks. While some investors might be okay with investing in an oil company, others might prefer to put their money elsewhere. Ultimately, whether you should invest in oil companies or not comes down to your ethics. Depending on your brokerage, you may need additional approval for options trading. However, if you don’t know much about options or futures, make sure to sit down and study before diving in.

How to buy crude oil

It is then refined and processed into oil products including gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), jet fuel and kerosene. ConocoPhillips (COC) is an American multinational corporation engaged in hydrocarbon exploration and production. The company recently overtook PetroChina (PTR) as the fifth-largest oil and gas company by market cap.


A brokerage platform should be efficient to use, not make the process more difficult than it needs to be. If you are reading this guide on a computer, laptop, or mobile device the chances are you are enjoying some of the comforts of modern-day life. IG International Limited is part of the IG Group and its ultimate parent company is IG Group Holdings Plc. IG International Limited receives services from other members of the IG Group including IG Markets Limited. IG International Limited is licensed to conduct investment business and digital asset business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

  • Renewable energy companies, for example, create energy from natural sources that can replenish themselves, such as wind and solar.
  • And even more niche sectors, like solid-state battery stocks, could provide great returns.
  • The best companies can pay their total dividend obligations and fund their capital expenses using free cash flow, with some money left over.

For example, an energy sector mutual fund or ETF is one way to gain broad exposure to oil and energy stocks with less sensitivity to oil price fluctuations as direct oil investments. In order to trade oil futures, you are required to provide the initial margin for the position, as well as the maintenance margin amount needed to keep the trade open. The amount of initial and maintenance margin varies depending on the amount of money in your account and the market price of the futures contract. Brent oil futures generally cost more to margin because of the higher price of the contract. If you want to speculate on the price of oil but prefer to hold stocks, you can either buy oil stocks or you can invest in oil ETFs, such as the U.S.


This volatility gives
investors plenty of opportunities to realize large profits if they are able to
time the market right. The downside to this however, is you also expose
yourself to losses if your timing is off even just a little. Oil options are a unique and interesting way to gain exposure to oil markets. However, it would be unforgiving to say that this type of investment product is suitable for everyone. Although there are hundreds of other commodities that make modern life possible, oil plays a larger role than most. It moved the world into the industrial age and is now relied upon more than ever.

  • DBO, which had market value of $506.7 million compared with USO’s $2.9 billion as of March 1, 2022, had returned a cumulative -2.6% since launch in 2007.
  • Some observers attribute wide short-term swings in oil prices to these speculators, while others believe their influence is minimal.
  • Trading within the oil markets can be a risky move, given the increased volatility throughout recent years.
  • Remember, how you trade futures is just as important as where you trade, so make sure you pick the right broker.

The two main ways to invest in crude oil futures are to invest in them as an asset or invest in crude oil directly. When investing in crude oil futures as an asset, you are buying a crude oil contract with the intention of selling it for a profit at a later date. You are only investing in the asset on paper and are not taking delivery. On the other hand, when you invest in crude oil directly, you are buying a contract with the intent on taking physical delivery of crude oil upon expiration. Another major benefit of trading crude oil futures is the
leverage it provides as well as efficient use of capital.

Fundamental and technical analysis

Investors may also research various sector funds that invest in commodities and the energy sector. Once you’ve been approved to trade futures by your broker, you’ll need to post what is known as a performance bond. This is an amount of cash equivalent to 2% to 5% of the futures contract value. The additional deposit is needed to ensure that you have the financial means to hold the futures position. Also, decisions made by the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have a significant effect on production levels and, ultimately, on the price of oil.

Futures and futures options trading services provided by Charles Schwab Futures and Forex LLC. At Schwab, you get access to specialize trading tools and resources, such as real-time crude oil futures quotes, timely research and education, and other helpful insights. The Index weights are equally reset semi-annually in the months of March and September on close of the first Business Day. To maintain the long position of the basket, contracts are ‘rolled’ from the expiring futures contract to a new contract farther down the futures curve with a longer expiry date. All commodities will roll on the second and the third Business Day of each calendar month. To research oil investments, investors can use a number of research tools, including equity research websites, investment research software, and reading commodities news outlets.

How can I trade crude oil?

There are several ways to invest in oil, and most don’t include owning any physical oil yourself. You can invest in oil-related stocks, oil mutual funds and oil futures. To buy or sell oil investments, you’ll need to have a brokerage account. Some crude oil futures contracts use cash settlement at expiration while others require the transfer of crude at a pre-specified delivery point. With that description, it is easy to confuse options contracts with futures contracts, as both give the holder the right to buy or sell an underlying asset.

Heavy crude oils are used to make industrial products such as plastics and asphalt. There are hundreds of crude oil grades, based on their qualities, such as sulphur, nitrogen and metal content, density and viscosity. The average analyst price target was £28.31, according to data compiled by MarketBeat. Henri Patricot at UBS Group set a price target of £26.50 on the stock. JPMorgan’s analysis bolstered its target price for SHEL from £28.50 to £30.


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