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July 04, 2021

July 04, 2021

July 04, 2021

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Best Retail Logistics & Supply Chain Workflow Management Software

You may use digital tracking apps to effectively monitor shipments and orders in real-time. Also, it provides your customers with tracking information they can use to determine when their packages will arrive. Receiving and processing inventory is extremely crucial to the success of your retail logistics operation.

Our hard-earned expertise, vast network and state-of-the-art software solutions make us uniquely equipped to support retail logistics, so you can focus on adapting to the latest trends and building a truly dynamic supply chain. When I was running the e-commerce business for a nationwide retail group, the top executives lived by the adage that retail is about product and price. Fulfillment needed to happen with a reasonable amount of quality and timeliness — and was not the differentiator. Technology investments in logistics were relatively lower with much of the supply chain operation managed manually. Technology investments included planning the fulfillment of products and services days ahead, the basic digitization of order completion and payments and the business analytics of cost and performance.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Software

Developing a strategic shipping strategy is crucial, as it helps to maintain customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Oftentimes, a winning shipping strategy is a combination of different shipping methods and partnering with the right mix of carriers. Ecommerce shipping involves preparing orders to be transported to the end user in the most reliable, cost-effective way possible. One of the biggest challenges for growing ecommerce businesses today is managing increased order volume. Now, we’re working with a tech-enabled 3PL that seamlessly provides data to help us make business decisions. ShipBob’s analytics tool is a game-changer and it’s helped me grow my business tremendously.

what is retail logistics software

In the logistics industry, cloud-based software can help give a more visible and transparent view of your operations. And user-friendly mobile apps provide you with continual, real-time visibility into your logistics no matter where you are. Companies implementing SaaS logistics options to be more flexible, robust, and affordable. The global supply chain is evolving at a breakneck pace and, with it, how retailers handle logistics. I hope this guide gives you insight into the logistics of retail, eCommerce retail in particular.

What should I concentrate on with retail and logistics management?

While that sounds simple enough, it’s unique to digital logistics because traditional logistics doesn’t have the flexibility to halt purchase orders or identify stock levels quickly. Cooperation with GlobalCloudTeam is more than software development; we offer to level up your business in the retail and logistics industry. Build with us a profitable and competitive company based on technologies and innovations.

what is retail logistics software

If there are breakdowns in the logistical supply networks you have in place, then you may not be able to fulfil customer orders on time or you may run out of inventory during busy periods. A strong, reliable and efficient logistical system is crucial to building a trustworthy brand. If you’re a retailer that deals with specialty items, you may have to spend more time sourcing wholesalers. You may need to reach out to artisans or manufacturers individually and negotiate wholesale deals directly. This is the case with businesses such as jewellers or exclusive wine stores. Once your goods have been procured and shipped to your warehouse or place of business, they will need to be unloaded and accounted for.

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They’ll likely want freight software geared specifically to the 3PL market like 3PLink and Accellos. These are the features that manage the execution of the freight pick-up, tracking and delivery. SCM entails managing all the inventory and transportation details to get the product to its final destination. Across the entire supply chain, it’s crucial to have a system that would allow you to manage and monitor your inventory in real-time. Without it, you won’t be able to maintain appropriate stock levels and replenish your stocks to meet customer demands without going beyond the optimum range and increasing inventory costs.

what is retail logistics software

To future-proof your POD, make sure you give your drivers the tools to capture photos of successful deliveries as well as e-signatures for fully digital operations. Track-POD is a leading enabler of fully digital delivery operations with custom POD automatically sent out to customers as soon as they’ve received the package. This blog post is all about building and optimizing the distribution process with retail logistics. It’s easy to send your inventory directly to our fulfillment centers, where we’ll pack then ship each order from the fulfillment center that’s closest to the shipping destination as soon as it’s placed by your customer. The returns management process can involve additional receiving, packing, assessment, re-processing, and even replacements, which can quickly increase costs when not managed properly.

Common Retail Logistics Challenges

The tasks for which a logistician is responsible vary depending on the business. Primary responsibilities include overseeing and managing inventory by arranging for appropriate transportation and adequate storage for the inventory. Read our success stories to learn how we have helped other retailers, including major national and international brands, with complex projects. As for parcel software, carriers usually choose either ready-to-use or customary software based on the scopes of their requirements.

what is retail logistics software

This has led to the development of alternative fuels, such as electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, as well as the use of renewable energy sources for logistics facilities. The association supports logisticians worldwide by providing a community of practice, where members can network, exchange ideas, and improve their professional skills. Supply chain management in military logistics often deals with a number of variables in predicting cost, deterioration, consumption, and future demand. The United States Armed Forces’ categorical supply classification was developed in such a way that categories of supply with similar consumption variables are grouped together for planning purposes.

The market-leading supply chain & retail planning platform

Logistics management is broad and is the umbrella for all the logistics functions, including freight management, warehouse management, transportation management, and inventory management. Transportation management is the part of logistics management that specifically focuses on planning, optimizing, and executing the physical movement of goods between locations. Shipsy’s supply chain platform enables real-time visibility into SKU movements and inventory levels using predictive control towers. Our platform can quickly be implemented across all ERPs and warehouse management systems to aggregate all data onto one central platform. There are no boundaries with what you can achieve in retail logistics in the digital world!

  • What are the hours of operation for tech support and the policy for onsite assistance?
  • This technology infrastructure goes beyond what hyperscalers offer with horizontal cloud and maps platforms.
  • Visibility into every step of the logistics process enables teams with digital logistics operations to identify root causes and bottlenecks and come up with solutions to remove those blockers.
  • Better integration of your retail logistics tech stack can keep your business running smoothly.
  • For organisations that provide services such as garbage collection, mail deliveries, public utilities, and after-sales services, logistical problems also need to be addressed.
  • A WCS can prevent that problem by working in real-time and adapting to the situation by making a last-minute decision based on current activity and operational status.

Solutions Business ServicesBoost productivity through efficient process adherence while identifying & resolving bottlenecks in your workplace. Audit Services Boost productivity through efficient process adherence while identifying & resolving bottlenecks in your workplace. × Solutions Business Services Boost productivity through efficient process adherence while identifying & resolving bottlenecks in your workplace. In general, there is a shift towards out-of-the-box solutions, but the major challenge is to find a tool that best fits the company’s requirements. Customers need parcel tracking software to predict when a parcel will be delivered to their place.

Supercharge Customer Experience

Strategic Transformation Plan and implement change fast and mobilize resources to gain a competitive advantage. Digital asset management Manage and distribute assets, and see how they perform. Resource management Find the best project team and forecast resourcing needs. Governance & administration Configure and manage global controls and settings. An important historical event that led to the expansion of the market for retail software was the Open Letter to Hobbyists by Bill Gates in 1976. HighJump Enterprise 3PL lets supervisor’s manage all aspects of their business via the dashboard.


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