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July 04, 2021

July 04, 2021

July 04, 2021

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399 Good Bot Name for Robots & Chatbot Popular Unique

Clover is a very responsible and caring person, making her a great support agent as well as a great friend. For example, New Jersey City University named the chatbot Jacey, assonant to Jersey. What do people imaging when they think about finance or law firm? In order to stand out from competitors and display your choice of technology, you could play around with interesting names. That’s when your chatbot can take additional care and attitude with a Fancy/Chic name.

What do you call a bot?

A bot — short for robot and also called an internet bot — is a computer program that operates as an agent for a user or other program or to simulate a human activity.

However, searching for the right bot name can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start. To give you a leg up, I’ve prepared some tips to help you decide and a few chatbot name ideas as a bonus. Name your chatbot as an actual assistant to make visitors feel as if they entered the shop. Consider simple names and build a personality around them that will match your brand.

Quick Tips for Picking a Chatbot Name

Fictional characters’ names are also a few of the effective ways to provide an intriguing name for your chatbot. When you are implementing your chatbot on the technical website, you can choose a tech name for your chatbot to highlight your business. Another method of choosing a chatbot name is finding a relation between the name of your chatbot and business objectives.

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On the other hand, studies show that when dealing with a male bot, people often perceive it as a problem solver or a decision-maker. This perception intensifies if the user comes from a masculine society where men are perceived to carry such character traits. The second reason is how people of different cultures perceive genders. According to Clifford Nass, a Stanford University professor, the human brain considers female voices friendlier and warmer, making us prefer them over male voices in certain situations.

Human-Like Bot Name Ideas

A well-chosen bot name can make your client forget that they are talking to a piece of code and buy you untold hours of time while pleasing your customers, or finding you new ones. In some cases, it might be better to avoid “tricking” the user into thinking they’re dealing with a human, not a robot. REVE Chat is an omnichannel customer communication platform that offers AI-powered chatbot, live chat, video chat, co-browsing, etc. AI chatbot solutions present an excellent avenue for companies to offer rapid and efficient resolutions to common customer inquiries and… Customer and brand loyalty are vital concepts but often misunderstood by both customers as well as industry experts.

chat bot names

As much as the saying is true, it holds all the more value in business. A name helps to build relationship even if it’s with a bot. While your bot may not be a human being behind the scenes, by giving it a name your customers are more likely to bond with your chatbot.

Include a diverse panel of people in the naming process

Whenever a customer approaches your company online, a chatbot will be your first team member to greet them. So, your chatbot is ultimately going to decide how the customer perceives your business. Make sure your chatbot is able to respond adequately and when it can’t, it can direct your customer to live chat. Take advantage of trigger keyword features so your chatbot conversation is supportive while generating leads and converting sales. Another way to avoid any uncertainty around whether your customer is conversing with a bot or a human, is to use images to demonstrate your chatbot’s profile.

chat bot names

Keep in mind that about 72% of brand names are made-up, so get creative and don’t worry if your chatbot name doesn’t exist yet. Good names establish an identity, which then contributes to creating meaningful associations. Think about it, we name everything from babies to mountains and even our cars!

Catchy Chatbot Names

Nowadays many companies and banking organizations use chatbots for providing better service and assist their clients easily and automatically. Nowadays many political parties use chatbots for their campaign and good engagement of people all over the world. Basically, a chatbot helps answer people’s questions even when no one is really attending physically. One of the main reasons to provide a name to your chatbot is to intrigue your customers and start a conversation with them. Online business owners can identify trendy ideas to link them with chatbot names.

chat bot names

Be creative with descriptive or smart names but keep it simple and relevant to your brand. Cool bot names are going to be attractive to younger generations. Plus, how to name a chatbot could be a breeze if you know where to look for help. And you need the mindset of artists to do justice with it.

Give Your Bot an Animal

At the end of the day, customers should like your chatbot name the most. What’s essential — if you decide to use a human name, inform users that they’re chatting with a computer in the chatbot welcome message. While creating your chatbot personality, you should also consider the task the bot will handle and try to match it with a corresponding name. Giving your AI agent a name that’s a part of its personality can help evoke positive connotations, improve user engagement, and build trust. In 2014, Nicholas Epley, a psychologist from the University of Chicago, conducted a study to check whether giving technology humanlike features can impact its perception.

What is the name of Amazon chatbot?

Amazon Lex is an AWS service for building conversational interfaces for applications using voice and text.

An example of this would be “Customer Agent” or “Tips for Cat Owners” which tells you what your bot is able to converse in but there’s nothing catchy about their names. By being creative, you can name your customer service bot, “Ask Becky” or “Kitty Bot” for cat-related products or services. Catchy name ideas should help turn the user’s attention away from the fact that they’re working with a computerized chatbot or artificial intelligence. Human-like names may have this effect but naming your bot Bob or Jane won’t be as memorable as you may hope.

Creative Bot Names

The study revealed that the people who used the car with a personality considered it to be more competent and reliable. Take a look at your customer segments and figure out which will potentially interact with a chatbot. Based on the Buyer Persona, you can shape a chatbot personality (and name) that is more likely to find a connection with your target market.

The rise of AI companions; advertising’s final frontier? shots – Shots

The rise of AI companions; advertising’s final frontier? shots.

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If your bot name is difficult to spell and pronounce, then users won’t be able to easily interact with your bot. Once you’ve decided on your bot’s role and type, work on its tone, speech, and chatbot design ideas. A compelling backstory should script chatbot conversations. When creating a chatbot name, don’t forget to give it a personality. You can use the names of your family members, your friends, and your company to incorporate the personality of your chatbot. Some of these names include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.


If you don’t want to confuse your customers by giving a human name to a chatbot, you can provide robotic names to them. These names will tell your customers that they are talking with a bot and not a human. One of the best examples of catchy chatbots is CovidAsha.

  • So, you should find a feminine name so that your chatbot is easily approachable and people can really feel secured and comfortable while calling for help.
  • A good chatbot name will tell your website visitors that it’s there to help, but also give them an insight into your services.
  • Customers will also perceive your chatbot character as your brand character.
  • Another way to avoid any uncertainty around whether your customer is conversing with a bot or a human, is to use images to demonstrate your chatbot’s profile.
  • The ideal bot name should be simple, catchy, and convey the right message.
  • For instance, if you have an eCommerce store, your chatbot should act as a sales representative.

Once the function of the bot is outlined, you can go ahead with the naming process. And if your bot has a cold or generic name, customers might not like it and it may dilute their experience to some extent. First, a bot represents your business, and second, naming things creates an emotional connection. Get our 5-minute email newsletter packed with business ideas and money-making opportunities, backed by real-life case studies.

  • Chatbots have become a big deal within the last couple years.
  • Now that you have a chatbot for customer assistance on your website, you must note that they still cannot replace human agents.
  • However, avoid using acronyms because they can cause confusion.
  • While it is ok to name your bot with your brand name, it’s always good to highlight what the bot can do.
  • Once you have a clearer picture of what your bot’s role is, you can imagine what it would look like and come up with an appropriate name.
  • You can find other chatbot business names at the bottom of the page.

If not, it’s time to do so and keep in close by when you’re naming your chatbot. A study found that 36% of consumers prefer a female over a male chatbot. And the top desired personality traits of the bot were politeness and intelligence. Human conversations with bots are based on the chatbot’s personality, so make sure your one is welcoming and has a friendly name that fits. This chatbot aims to make medical diagnoses faster, easier, and more transparent for both patients and physicians – think of it like an intelligent version of WebMD that you can talk to.

Snapchat releases My AI chatbot to all users for free – The Verge

Snapchat releases My AI chatbot to all users for free.

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You’ll start making real progress, and experience first-hand what it’s like to put your ideas into the world. Our 4,418 case studies show you how ordinary people built businesses to millions in revenue – all starting from a simple idea or side project. If possible, get feedback from your customers or your online community on what they think.

  • They’re becoming increasingly popular, which means more people are using them every day.
  • CollectiveRay is a website that helps companies who use their website as a primary channel for the success of their business.
  • After all, the more your bot carries your branding ethos, the more it will engage with customers.
  • But don’t try to fool your visitors into believing that they’re speaking to a human agent.
  • A healthcare chatbot can have different use-cases such as collecting patient information, setting appointment reminders, assessing symptoms, and more.
  • You should also make sure that the name is not vulgar in any way and does not touch on sensitive subjects, such as politics, religious beliefs, etc.


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